Friday, August 28, 2009

Reference Photos continued...

Most of the pictures available are from that left (her left) 3/4 view, like the image in the previous post. It has been the toughest finding other angles; when we find them, it is usually just a tease. The shot is usually blurry as all hell, or just shows a slice of the figure, i.e. Joe found a postcard with a view from the left of monument; all that was visible of Liberty was an arm and some cape (But trust me, every little bit helps) . I received the below shot a few days ago; it is the best alternate view yet (Once you find where she is :D)!

Along with that picture came a great shot of the sculpture on the ground after it had fallen. Although broken, this shot definitely gives me a much better grasp of what she's wearing. Finally, some detail!  

It's actually kind of fun when you don't have a plethora of references. It makes you work harder, and it is that much more exciting when you actually find something useful! It's like I'm slowing putting together the pieces of a puzzle (no pun intended :p)!

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