Friday, August 28, 2009

My Date with the Bridgeport Fire Dept.

So, back in May, before starting anything, I needed to get some measurements. This required getting up into the monument where the sculpture would be. The platform where the sculpture will stand is 15' off the ground, so luckily I had the BFD available to get me up there! Boy, was that tons of fun :D.

Yeah, that's me up there. Taking the picture. Those firemen were so nice to give me a lift ^_^

       (Above) Here is a close up of where she will stand, with her platform at eye level (you can see the round base she will stand on top of)...

     (Above) And here is a shot of the base under the arches...

So, after gathering measurements and doing some simple calculations, I came to the conclusion the she will stand 6' high atop her base, in relation to the soldier and sailor who stand 9', and the crowning figure of 12' high.  

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