Monday, August 31, 2009

Clean, clean, clean!

For the last week my brother-in-law and I have been cleaning out our garage and basement, where I will be setting up my studio space. So much stuff! It's taking a long time, but it will pay off when everything is neat, tidy and well organized. 'Till then I'm working on sketches and maquettes for the Liberty. I just bought a mannequin on ebay who standing in a similar pose. Perfect for modeling drapery further down the line!


  1. The mannequin sounds sweet--hold old/big...?

  2. Nice, that's a great idea! Deane Keller used to own a bunch of mannequins and dress them up for some sweet charcoal drapery drawings. Way better than a model that won't stand still. : )
    I am still cleaning and organizing as well, but I am having trouble getting my ideas flowing. u are lucky that you know what you have to do, because I feel so lost sometimes...
    Thanks for the link !

  3. LeezaM: You rool the streetz with a savage vengeance--we got TOTAL faith in YE :D

    *now if only i could whittle down this pile o' work here at the liberry... ;P*